What's Wiz for my biz all about?

OUR #1 goal is YOUR success!

Wiz For My Biz was founded on the principle that every business owner deserves the opportunity to ensure their business succeeds! In the past, consulting and other premium business services seemed out of reach for small and mid size business owners.

Wiz offers solutions to businesses that lack the resources to do everything in house. For some, we’re their marketing team. For some, we’re their HR resource. For others, we’re a general consulting resource. For everyone, we’re a trusted partner focused on helping your business win!

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National Reach with Local Understanding

In healthy companies, it’s crucial to outperform client expectations in every category you serve. That’s our goal, and we take it seriously. You may be in the north, down south, on the east coast, or out west…One call, does it all! Here’s how our clients rank us, based on end of project client feedback.  In 2021, every client polled stated they would reccommend us to a trusted friend, and would use us again!  How’s that for success?

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Two Companies with one mission

When to use Wiz for my Biz:

When you have a quick business-related question or concern that you need help addressing, Wiz For My Biz is your solution (think of this as visiting urgent care). Here, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the most common business matters and get answers right away! Your subscription will allow you to ask questions as frequently as you desire!* At the end of a call or chat, we will provide you with helpful instructions (when applicable), so you can get the job done. Wiz For My Biz will provide unmatched support, ensuring your business runs smoothly.

When to use Beacon Partners Consulting:

As a Wiz For My Biz subscriber, you will have the ability to contract our full-service teams at Beacon Partners Consulting at a discounted rate when issues we need to address are more complicated. Think of this as visiting a hospital instead of urgent care. With Beacon, we can send teams to your business to address concerns face to face providing valuable answers to your questions. Our team will partner with you every step of the way and assist in implementing solutions. And because Beacon Partners Consulting powers Wiz For My Biz, all data and information related to your Wiz subscription transfers between our teams. This continuity will prevent any delays in moving forward.

* Wiz for my Biz allows you to submit one request at a time. As soon as a request is answered, you may submit another request. Your request may take up to 24 hours to be answered. “Quick” refers to responses delivered within a 24-hour
period. Customized forms are available as a service and should not be considered legal advice. All forms should be reviewed with your legal representation, before providing to a client, if you have questions. $149, refers to base level
pricing, for base employee count. Subscription prices increase, based on number of employees and services offered.  Wiz for my Biz is powered by Beacon Partners Consulting.  You may at any time contract with Beacon Partners
Consulting, to get more in-depth consulting services.  Services provided by Beacon Partners are not included in your Wiz for my Biz subscription.  Wiz for my Biz, and Beacon Partners Consulting contracts will be considered
separateagreements.  Any advice given, should not be considered legal advice.  Beacon Partners Consulting, nor any of its subsidiaries, which includes Wiz for my Biz, are licensed are approved to provide legal advice. 
All advice is to be considered general business advice, and should be discussed with an attorney, if legal questions arise.