Wiz for my Biz HR Starter Kit





Whether you’ve been in business for years, or just starting your business today, a solid HR plan is a required component to protecting your business.  Our HR starter kit will provide you with all of the key instruments you need, to protect your business, while ensuring your employees have a safe, productive work environment.

  • HR Starter Kit Includes:
    • Customized state compliant Employee Handbook ($249 value)
    • Customized Job Descriptions for up to 5 positions ($395 Value)
    • Customized Interview Guide for up to 5 positions ($395 value)
    • Performance Review Document for up to 5 position ($395 value)
    • Performance Improvement Form, to be used across all positions ($79 value)
    • Area specific Salary Guide, for up to 5 positions, with up to 5 pay grades ($199 value)
    • Corporate Purpose Flag ($199 value)
  • This kit has a total value of over $1,900, if all items were purchased separately!



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