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Need a website built NOW, but can’t pay the full amount today?  Explore our monthly payment option, where you can simply continue to pay, as long as you’d like your website to be active.  See options here.


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We get it, there’s a number of online platforms that will allow you to build a website using a point and click web builder. We won’t argue, It’s a good start.  However, what happens when you want something customized?  What happens when you want something, that makes you stand apart from your competition?  That’s where Wiz for my Biz comes in!  With us, we’ll build you a custom build site, from day one!  We’ll make sure your site has the small details, that you’re looking for.

Our designers specialize in WordPress, Squarespace, and other options.  Don’t worry, we’ll work together, to determine what’s best for you!

Our websites are priced mainly based on the number of pages you desire.  Prices are also based on basic builds.  Don’t waste time building something on your own, that you won’t like.  Let us get started today, so we can get it right the first time!

Our process for building websites:

    1. Place an order, for the package that includes the number of pages you estimate you’ll need.
    2. We’ll reach out to you, to schedule a discovery meeting.
    3. During the discovery meeting, we’ll mockup a site plan, that ensures we’re all on the same page with what you need.
    4. Based on the site plan, we’ll let you know about any additional cost needed, to build your dream website.
    5. We’ll set up a portal, for you to safely upload any matrial we need for the site (I.E. Logos, copy material graphics, etc.)
    6. We’ll get started, and keep you posted along the way!
Note: If your site requires additional cost, and you decide not to proceed, we’ll instantly offer a full refund of any payments you’ve made.  Typically, we will not start a build, until you’ve uploaded all required material.  This allows us to efficiently build your site, within a shorter period of time.

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