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Do you own a WordPress or Squarespace website that was designed by a developer? If so, it may be time for updates that push your website to the next level. Often, developers build sites and later disapear, leaving the site owner with an outdated website.

With a Wiz for my Biz website maintenence package, you’ll have our developers at hand to assist you as needed.  Better yet, you get to decide how much time you’d like to reserve on a monthly basis!  Can’t beat that, now, can you?

Options are available for between 30 minutes to 5 hours, renewing each month!

    • Bronze Plan: Our Bronze plan allows you to make minor changes on a monthly basis.  These could include a small number of copy edits, changing a few pictures, or maybe deleting or adding a new product to your assortment. Monthly time allotment: 30 Minutes
    • Silver Plan: Our silver plan allows you to make changes to text, graphics, products, etc.  This package may allow you 8-10 less complex changes per month. Monthly time allotment: 60 Minutes
    • Gold Plan: Our Gold Plan is for those that need regular changes to their website.  This plan allows for approximately 5-15 reasonably complex changes to be made.  If you have an e-commerce site, this may be your best bet! Monthly time allotment: 180 Minutes
    • Platinum Plan: Our Platinum Plan is for those that require more complex adjustments to their site on a regular basis.  This plan cover e-commerce seasonal change outs*, and other complex changes.  If you’ve got a “fancy” site, and want to keep it that way, this plan is the choice for you! Monthly time allotment: 300 Minutes *Seasonal changeouts and other changes are limited to what can be accomplished with the amount of time available in your plan.


    • With our Bronze Plan and Silver Plan, minutes expire at the end of each month.
    • With our Gold Plan, you’re able to roll over up to 120 minutes per month.
    • Our Platinum Plan allows you to roll over any remaining time, each month.  This plan also allows you to pre use time from the next month**This feature activates after 4 months of continued service.



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