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Leadership Has Changed,

Have You?

Mastering leadership in the 21st century has changed. In today’s business world, we need to develop a new inclusive culture of leaders. People who lead with purpose and have the tools to understand different communication styles and what that looks and feels like, in today’s business culture. Reach out to us and let us discuss how to help you, make that happen.


Embark on a step-by-step journey with easy to use visual tools.

30 minute individualized intensive sessions designed for you. There is also an optional one on one consultation bi-weekly or monthly to help you ascend and peak in your leadership development.

Personal Growth

Each session is designed to challenge and grow yourself as a leader worth following.
We give you the tools and challenge you to become self aware and
grow through the support/challenge matrix.

Great results! Group of young modern men in formalwear gesturing and smiling while working in the office
Workshop #1

5 Voices: Team Kryptonite

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Workshop #2

5 Voices: Optimizing Team Performance

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Workshop #3

5 Voices: The Art of Collaboration

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Workshop #4

5 Voices: The Power of Your Voice

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Workshop #5

5 Voices: Discover Your Leadership Voice

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Not Only a Challenge to You, but for YOUR TEAM as well.

Each weekly session will give you an additional takeaway to do with your team to build engagement and awareness with them.


I’m excited to be participating in the Altitude Group, and can already see how valuable it will be for me professionally and personally. Early on I’m gaining better insight regarding my strengths and weaknesses, how they affect my team, and what I need to do to become a more balanced and effective leader. I appreciate that the material/content is practical but substantial, creating many “aha” moments for me. Love the group dynamic and the fact that we have the opportunity to learn from others within a small group with varied backgrounds and experience levels. It’s a big win!
Lynn Colsson
Altitude User


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